In CEDA arbeiten Hafenverwaltungen, Baggerfirmen, Ingenieurbüros etc. mit, um als unabhängiges Forum Informationen zu allen Themen des Baggereiwesens zusammenzustellen und auszutauschen. CEDA ist Teil der Weltorganisation WEDA und deckt regional Europa und Afrika ab.



Durch CEDA und andere Verbände wurde das Buch Environmental Aspects of Dredging erstellt. “The book treats all aspects of the interaction of environment and dredging including the assessment of design effects, process effects, sampling and testing, dredged material management and presents new case studies. It reflects recent changes in international and regional legislation and the most up-to-date industry advances. The book is of particular interest to engineers, government agencies and port authorities, as well as civil engineering consultants and contractors involved in planning and designing dredging, maritime infrastructure and fluvial projects. Stakeholders concerned with environmental impacts of dredging will gain a more thorough understanding of the real world choices confronting dredging projects.”